Our Tools!

At LOCKCHAIN, we use tools from established companies.

LOCKCHAIN provides access to crypto investment opportunities with comprehensible analyses and evaluations of the market and the individual crypto projects, including clear instructions, from buying to personally securing the cryptos in private wallets. LOCKCHAIN creates a knowledge base so that investors understand what they are buying and why. Members also receive regular updates on valuations and current market developments. In combination with detailed analyses, LOCKCHAIN creates an important prerequisite for investment decisions and provides important knowledge with added value for the future.

We use the CoinTracking software to track the cryptos. Click on the image to go there directly and receive a 10% discount on your order:

We use Ledger technology to secure the cryptos. The products are best purchased directly from Ledger. Click on the image to go there directly:

Information: As a partner of CoinTracking and Ledger, LOCKCHAIN receives a commission on your purchase via the respective link (click on the image).